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Born and raised in Bergamo, a historic region known for quality Italian textile production.
Childhood memories are filled with magical looms and rolling fabrics.
Through story telling, our grandfather created a world of beautiful fabrics cherished by everyone.
The intersection of imagination and history, that is in our DNA.
As a family company Lyontex continues to create fabrics that express modern design with Italian traditional craftsmanship high quality jacquard fabrics, 100% made in Italy.
As fourth generation weavers, we are dynamic, attentive, and passionate.
We are directly involved at each step of the process to insure production integrity.
We provide our customers with the upmost reliability, attention to detail, speed and accuracy.
We create bespoke collections and fabrics for our customer’s special needs.
We are ideal partners for companies and distributors making home textile and finished products in various markets throughout the world.
Lyontex is owned operated by a tradition Italian family making high quality Italian textile with utmost attention and care.

Matteo and Davide Brignoli

I am Matteo, I am the commercial part of our company.

I deal mainly with the commercial aspect of the family business, but I do not feel like being “categorized ” as a commercial “tout court”.
I love traveling, learning new things, spending time with customers, and exchange ideas with them.
My big passion is music, I play classical guitar and graduated from the conservatory of Milan. In fact, I have my diploma hanging in my office, but never wanted to make it into a career.
My Grandpa was right: when the passion of textile gets inside you, there is nothing you can do!

The love for music and has helped me to understand and interface with the world of creators and designers; I consider these meetings with the designers to be precious and draw inspiration for our new collections.
I guess this is how I reconcile with my great passions.

My Lyontex day begins with a cappuccino, with continuous ringing of the phone and fast moving fingers on the computer keyboard;
Finally, when dawn draws near, I close the door to my office, open the windows, raise the volume of the music to enjoy a little quiet time, and to contemplate and to make strategies or compare notes with my brother David.

I am Davide, I am the company’s “production & supplier” side.

While studying at the technical school to become the “expert of textile”, during the summer months, my father would sent me to work at the factories of our suppliers : dyeing and weaving.
During these working experiences, not only did I gain skills to understand the dynamics of production and how to collaborate with our suppliers, I fell in love with the fascinating world of the textile industry.

In Lyontex, I manage and control the entire production process, from buying yarns to dyeing, weaving, finishing and finally quality control.

The relationship with our collaborators is a tight network, I am in contact with all collaborators on a daily basis, and this allows me to be up-to-date on the status of productions at all time.

I am an enthusiast for automobile, boating and camping.
I love spending my free time with my family. In fact, on weekends, I am able to enjoy all my passions together with my family at the Lake of Garda.